Online Engineering Degree Specializations

online engineering degree

An online engineering degree is considerably cheaper than a traditional university engineering program. This is due to fixed costs associated with providing online courses, which are passed on to the student. However, distance education lacks the classroom energy, exchange of ideas, and interaction between students. Some schools do offer limited video classroom conferences to supplement classroom interaction. But these are few exceptions and are not worth the costs of an online degree. A few important considerations are discussed below.

ABET accreditation

Whether you’re planning to earn an engineering degree from an accredited college or university, it is a wise choice to go through a third party’s peer review process. ABET accreditation ensures that a program meets the highest quality standards around the world. This translates to an educated, globally mobile and innovative workforce. ABET-accredited programs provide students with the skills necessary to advance in the industry.


The cost of earning an online engineering degree varies by institution. The average cost of an engineering bachelor’s degree is $30,680, but it can be less or more depending on the program. A master’s degree in engineering typically requires thirty credits and costs an additional $9,510 to $48,000. The price range also includes required fees and technology fees, registration and application costs, and any standardized tests required by the school. In addition, online engineering degree programs may require standardized test scores to qualify for admission.


While online engineering degree specializations are not common, they do exist. They typically involve two years of graduate coursework and are particularly popular with working engineers. While online programs often require some on-campus time, they still offer more flexibility than traditional college programs. These programs also help working adults get an advanced degree and advance their career options. To learn more about online engineering degree specializations, check out these resources:


Despite its relatively recent inception, reliability engineering is already a popular field within the engineering world. The term reliability has its origins in the 18th century, when Samuel Taylor Coleridge first coined the term reliability to describe an object’s ability to produce the same results on a repetitive basis. Since then, the meaning of reliability has been changed by the U.S. military and has come to mean that a product or system will perform as expected.

Career options

If you are considering an online engineering degree, there are many factors to consider before making your decision. The degree itself can vary in terms of duration and complexity. A bachelor’s degree will typically take four years to complete, but accelerated online programs are available to speed up the process. Additionally, everyone’s learning style and needs vary, so consider what you personally require in a degree program before applying. In addition to assessing the program’s length, consider the types of courses it offers.