Online Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts

online bachelors degree in fine arts

An online Bachelors degree in Fine Arts program does not have to be similar to a traditional campus-based program. Online programs don’t use the same textbooks or learning materials. Instead, students work with an academic advisor to design a course of study that will satisfy their unique goals and interests. The online program can be tailored to a student’s goals. It can also be accredited, which is a good sign.

Art directors oversee visual aspects of magazines, movies, and product packaging

The role of an art director is largely creative, and a person in this position is responsible for communicating visual ideas and interacting with other departments. In a small business, for example, the art director may be in charge of the visual aspects of several departments. Due to the importance of the work, art directors must have the ability to manage time and budget effectively. They must also be comfortable working under pressure and interacting with a wide variety of individuals.

Art teachers help students cultivate art literacy and proficiency

A degree in art education can give you the flexibility to work in schools at all levels, including preschool, elementary, middle, and high schools. You can even leverage your training in the field outside of education by pursuing career paths like nonprofit program director or graphic design. Salaries for art teachers vary widely and depend on your level of experience. Early-career art teachers earn an average of $36k per year, while experienced art teachers can expect to make up to $50k.

Accreditation for online art programs

When comparing fine arts degrees online, look for accredited colleges. These colleges have been accredited by the same bodies that accredit art schools. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design, for example, accredits many schools. In addition, the U.S. Department of Education provides a database listing accredited schools and programs. Graduates with an art degree can pursue careers as fine artists, commercial artists, designers, and teachers. They may also choose to work in an art-oriented business setting. A bachelor’s degree in art requires four years of full-time study. During that time, students may have other responsibilities, such as having prior college experience.

Courses offered

The study of fine arts includes a mix of academic theory and hands-on practice. Courses cover the principles of two and three-dimensional design and introduce basic drawing instruments. Students also study the philosophy of art and its various practices. An online bachelor’s degree in fine arts will give students the chance to apply what they have learned to their professional endeavors. Online programs also provide students with the flexibility to complete their studies at their own pace, no matter their life circumstances.

Career options

An online bachelors degree in fine arts opens up many doors. Many graduates end up working in the arts, from curating exhibitions to performing in musical theater. With a fine arts background, you will be able to distinguish quality pieces and organize meaningful exhibitions. There are also many job opportunities for those interested in the arts that don’t require starving artists. The following are some of the top career options for those with a degree in the fine arts.