Online Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

Whether you are looking for an affordable online bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or you are considering earning your graduate degree at a traditional college or university, there are some factors to consider before you make a decision. These include the similarity of the curricula, the cost, and letters of recommendation. Keep reading to learn more about earning your online degree. A strong application is crucial to getting accepted to an online program.

Affordable online bachelor’s degree in early childhood education

The cost of an affordable online bachelor’s degree in early childhood education is much lower than that of a traditional on-campus program. Many schools offer a discount for online only students, saving them the cost of gas and daycare. You can also work while taking classes online. But you must have the right computer and internet connection to complete the program. Many of these programs require certain computer equipment and programs, so make sure to research the specific requirements before you sign up.

Concordia University Portland is ranked 50th among the most affordable colleges for an online bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. Its education department has a child-centered approach to learning and coordinates a 124-credit NAEYC-aligned curriculum. The school offers eight-week online courses, a $1,500 Point Community Scholarship, and the ability to enroll in the Student Service Corps.

Similar curricula

Applicants to an online BA in early childhood education degree program must have at least an Associate’s degree or an equivalent degree. A student must also have 60 college credit hours and a minimum GPA of 2.5 to be eligible for admission. Applicants may earn up to 90 credits from previous college coursework, community college courses, or life experiences. In addition, an online degree program is convenient, flexible, and affordable.

Those seeking an online BA degree in early childhood education can enroll in an accredited program with a flexible schedule. An online BA program in this field is a combination of coursework and field experience. Some online programs may require students to work in a public or private school before graduating. Other programs, however, may require a student to have some field experience to be eligible for admission. Most online programs require students to complete a capstone project, or internship, as part of the program.

Letters of recommendation

The letters of recommendation you submit for your online BA degree in early childhood education program are crucial to gaining admission to the program. The BA in early childhood education program will prepare you for positions working with young children. The program’s prerequisites include a completed online application, a nonrefundable application fee, official high school transcripts, and SAT/ACT scores. To be considered for admission, you must have at least two letters of recommendation.

During the application process, you will need to provide a completed online application and submit official high school, GED, and college transcripts. In some cases, schools may require you to write an open-ended personal essay in addition to shorter supplementary essays. These essays will give the admissions staff a sample of your writing. Most schools will also require high school transcripts and any previous postsecondary institutions, which will demonstrate your academic record. Some schools may accept a portion of your previous college credits.


The cost of an online BA degree in early childhood education may be less than attending an on-campus program. Some schools will offer a discount to online students since they do not need to use campus facilities. You may also save money on gas and child care expenses. However, online degree programs may require certain computer programs and equipment. The total cost will depend on how many credits you need to complete. In general, online programs will cost less than a traditional on-campus degree program.

Despite its cost, an online BA degree in early childhood education can help you to become a more effective and experienced early childhood educator. This career field is booming, and the demand for early childhood educators is expected to increase over the next decade. For example, an early childhood education degree from a top university can help you to teach young children ranging in age from infants to eight years old. In short, you can change the lives of children and make a difference in the world.